Spring River Arkansas Fly Fishing

Your Guide To Fly Fishing the Spring River in Arkansas

The Spring River of Hardy Arkansas is a world class trout fishing destination. In years past, anglers would pass this river up to fish the Norfork and the White Rivers of Arkansas but now, the river is catching up to awesome fishing and size limits comparable to a blue ribbon world class trout fishery!

Do not pass an opportunity up to fish this worlld class trout fishing destination! It's nice fishing for a freestone river such as that is not effected by the dam generation. This river has class 3 rapids but pretty tame river for the most part. 

Your fly rod sizes should be from a 3 weight to a 6 weight with more experienced anglers using 3 weights and the bigger trout yielding more to the 6 weight rods. The trout on the right was caught with a 4 weight rod. Trout of this size is not uncommon with practicing patience and persistence. 

The dam has also been in repair for the last year but was completed as of the beginning of October 2014 which is just in time for the Fall and winter spawning season. 

Welcome to the Spring River Arkansas fishing reference site. This site is under development to update the Spring River Angler with useful information about this river. 

Spring River Arkansas is located in the upper North East corner of Arkansas. The river is fed 9.78 million gallons of clear spring water per hour at 58 degrees year round from Mammoth Springs located in Mammoth Springs Arkansas.

This river is a popular fishing destination for small mouth, muskie and trout among other species of fish.. It is also popular among canoeist during the warmer months of the year. The river has some class 3 rapids and is why drift boats, kayaks and canoes are used on this river. 

Dam 3 location on the Spring River is a heavily fished area of the river. 

The hatchery is located here and when the trout go into spawn, this is where they all stop due to the actual dam 3 preventing them from continuing their upstream run. The dam was once used for hydroelectric power but is now retired. 

Water Flows and Temps